Nearest Neighbor

An Image Unit by Peter Hosey


This is a plug-in for all applications that use Core Image (including Acorn, Pixelmator, and Opacity) to provide the ability to perform nearest-neighbor scaling.

An example of an image so scaled.
Example: This image is scaled to 10× its original size.

The plug-in, in a zip archive.
MD5 hash: 72dc36799b5b1f85bc51de56521dbf72
SHA-1 hash: 49a0b1c7d24155261fb5e2ebebec548db40c72eb
Objective-C source code and an Xcode 3.1 project, in a bzip2ed tarball.
MD5 hash: fbc8264d27f221854b545abbbf258728
SHA-1 hash: 84f833cde53307ca0f47f329e771ca59254cdec5

MD5 and SHA1 signatures were created using EasyHash.

Mercurial repository

If you want to contribute bug-fixes or enhancements to the Nearest Neighbor Image Unit, the easiest way to do that is to clone the Mercurial repository for the Nearest Neighbor Image Unit. To do this, type this command into a terminal:

hg clone

I provide the Nearest Neighbor Image Unit source codeĀ under a three-clause BSD license. For more information, see the file named LICENSE.txt that comes with it.

Version history


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