Keynote Bingo

WWDC 2006 Edition


This is a self-randomizing bingo card for WWDC Bingo 2006, created by Peter Hosey.


The game was first proposed by John Siracusa on his blog. Since then, Simone Manganelli has created shuffled versions of the original card.

But at Christopher Forsythe's suggestion (before Simone came up with his version), I started work on an even better version. This version auto-generates a randomized card, and has 119 more strings than the original card. This disk image contains the fruit of my efforts.

The EPS files are PostScript programs. Opening them in any PostScript viewer will run the program and generate a random card. Please note that you can only use the files from the disk image, as described above; they will not work if you copy them somewhere else.

Generates one random card, sized to fit the entire (US Letter) page.
Generates two random cards, each occupying half the page.
Generates four random cards, one per quadrant.


An example board.

Instructions and important information

Every time you open the file, a new board will be randomly generated. So, if you want another or a different board, open the file again. Preview will let you have multiple copies open (a loophole that results from Preview converting the file rather than handling it as a native type).

Because of the way Preview handles PostScript files, you cannot move the EPS files from the disk image. They refer to each other via absolute paths (by necessity; otherwise, Preview will not open them).

If you are really serious about copying the files from the disk image (and don't mind hacking the paths afterward), be aware that you will also need to copy the header image file (also an EPS file) in the .include folder on the disk image. (I did that so that the Finder window would be cleaner — you don't normally need to interact with the header image file.)

You can, however, save files in PDF or any other format that you have generated from the EPS files (e.g. by opening in Preview and using “Save As…”). Such files will work anywhere, as you would expect them to.


Note: Board images will only work from mounted disk image; they cannot be run from any other location (see above for explanation)

Copyright and credits

This card is copyright 2006 Peter Hosey, except that the header image was ganked from the original card, and not all the strings were written by me. The PostScript source code (i.e. the EPS files) is released under the BSD license; see LICENSE.txt, which should have been included in this archive.

Contributors of strings are:

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