Keynote Bingo

Macworld San Francisco 2007 Edition


This is a randomly-generated bingo card for the Macworld SF 2007 keynote address. The object of the game is to achieve bingo by marking cells in a row, in a column, or diagonally, based on the events of the keynote.

My hope is that somebody will yell “Bingo!” during a keynote, and that it will be audible on the live stream. (I want this to happen only once, though — twice at most. More than that will kill the fun and become simply disruptive. To take state-run lotteries' disclaimers out of context: Please play responsibly.)


The game was first proposed by John Siracusa for WWDC 2006 on his blog. Simone Manganelli created shuffled versions of Siracusa's original card, and I created a self-randomizing EPS version with extra strings.

New in the Macworld SF 2007 edition is an Aqua app for generating cards. You can input a seed number or let the computer pick, and you have the opportunity to change the page layout, and the application will generate the PDF for you.

Screenshot of the generator app, configured to generate new random cards, at one card per page.


Preview of the MWSF 2007 Keynote Bingo board.
Shown at two-thirds actual size.


Note: The font used for the headings and instructions is Bitstream Vera Sans. That font is free, and you should have it in order for Keynote Bingo to look its best. (It will still work; it will simply show the headings and instructions in Courier, which doesn't look nearly as good outside of a typewriter.)

Old versions


Version history

  • Added a few more predictions.
  • First MWSF 2007 release.

Copyright and credits

This card is copyright 2006 and 2007 Peter Hosey, except that not all the strings were written by me. The source code (both the Cocoa source code and the EPS files) is released under the BSD license; see LICENSE.txt, which should have been included in the archive you downloaded.

Following are the people whose predictions I included. Most of them voluntarily submitted predictions directly to me; those marked with * wrote articles from which I took their predictions.

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