AppKit-scaling Image Unit

A Core-Image-less Image Unit by Peter Hosey


Have you ever wondered whether it was possible to make an Image Unit that didn't actually use a CIKernel?

It is. This Image Unit is an example of that.

If you wish to try out the Image Unit, install it to Library/Graphics/Image\ Units (creating folders as necessary). Then launch Core Image Fun House, which is in /Developer/Applications/Graphics\ Tools. Open an image, click the + button, and add the “AppKit scale” image unit from the Geometry Adjustment category.


The image unit, on a Tiger-only bzip2-compressed UDIF disk image.
SHA-1 hash: a0cb2f5dd194aa3cd4b672c1cf768363b0ff939c
Objective-C source code and an Xcode 2.4 project, in a bzip2ed tarball.
SHA-1 hash: 0142b9d9f47fe4dcd2cc608983ecc7620f362278

MD5 and SHA1 signatures were created using the md5sum(1) and sha1sum(1) utilities from GNU coreutils.

Version history


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