Image Shadow Adder

A utility for creating screenshots, by Peter Hosey

What it does

Image Shadow Adder adds a shadow to an image (huh!) that appears to my eyes to be equivalent to the shadow normally added to windows by Mac OS X.

CPU Usage preferences window, without shadow.

CPU Usage preferences window, with original Mac OS X shadow.
Shadow generated by Mac OS X.

CPU Usage preferences window, with shadow from Image Shadow Adder.
Shadow generated by Image Shadow Adder.

This is useful for preparing screenshots for display on webpages. No more Photoshop alpha-channel hackery — now you need only take one screenshot of the window (⇧⌘4, then the space bar) and load it into Image Shadow Adder to give it a proper shadow. Screenshots of windows look so much better this way.


Image Shadow Adder 1.0.dmg
The application, on a zlib-compressed UDIF disk image.
128-bit FNV1 hash: fb5f40a0e38072191060545521323c75
MD5 hash: ff805200adb84ea19a4b784bef856a4d
SHA-1 hash: dbab9ab1cfb8c915851e1752b6272fb7e9d40c50
Image Shadow Adder 1.0-source.tbz
Objective-C source code and an Xcode 2.3 project, in a bzip2ed tarball.
128-bit FNV1 hash: 92a93a81370a6f6c8a9f02d82fb7fec7
MD5 hash: 04386348986e53ed71d1c600ef96d648
SHA-1 hash: dcf7aade0d43fe18d9ae3b00a679cb90d22d7547

MD5 and SHA1 signatures were created using the md5sum(1) and sha1sum(1) utilities from GNU coreutils.

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