A utility to clone EXIF properties from one image to another


From time to time, I post photos I've taken on the web, and sometimes I want to edit out part of the image (such as an address). To do this, I use Lineform. This presents a problem, because Lineform is a vector app, which means that it necessarily does not copy EXIF properties from any of the raster images in the document to the destination document (that would not make sense in most cases).

But for my purpose, I do want the EXIF properties to be transferred to the new image. So I wrote a command-line utility that uses the ImageIO framework to confer the EXIF properties from the source image upon the edited image. I call this program exif-confer.

Usage is simple: You provide an image-source image and an EXIF-source image (in my case, my redacted image and my original image), and a destination pathname. exif-confer will confer the properties from the EXIF-source image upon the image-source image, and write the result to the destination pathname. (Neither original is modified.)


An Installer package, on a bzip2-compressed UDIF disk image.
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SHA-1 hash: 7a9590c1c9a17d1247e4da56f74eb65477298fae
Detached PGP (GPG) signature of exif_confer-1.0-source.tbz using public key ID C6550423.
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SHA-1 hash: b05b0e65be2a26016762f4bf10351a10ae73888c

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2007-03-26 http://boredzo.org/exif-confer
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