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An unofficial business card for distribution at Cocoa and Cocoa Touch programmers' events

Image of the text of the Objective-C card.Image of the text of the Swift card.


Part of the challenge new Cocoa and Cocoa Touch programmers face is finding good introductory and reference material.

I've compiled a list of links to the most important material and published it in business-card form. I distribute these cards at events where Cocoa and Cocoa Touch programmers, particularly new ones, are likely to gather, such as at NSCoderNight and CocoaHeads.

You are welcome to distribute these cards at relevant events you attend; just please leave them unmodified and print both sides, so people who pick them up know who made them and can return to this page for updates.

PDF versions are below.

I've been printing them myself on store-brand perforated business-card sheets from Target. This has worked well so far. If you do print them yourself, make sure you print them at 100% scale, not shrunk-to-fit or scaled-up-to-fill-the-paper. The 10-up PDF below is already sized perfectly for US Letter paper; scaling up or down is unnecessary and will throw the sizing and placement off.


A PDF of a single card.
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A PDF of ten of the cards, suitable to be printed on and cut out from a single US Letter page.
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