SD card sleeve

2011-07-10 00:54:21 UTC

If you have an SD card without a case, you may find this handy.

Front of sleeve, labeled.
The back of the SD card sleeve, closed.
The back of the SD card sleeve, open, showing the card inside.

File: SD-card-sleeve.pdf

A PDF fileĀ from which you can print out nine sleeves per US Letter sheet. Make sure you print at 100% scale.

Assembly instructions

  1. Cut out a sleeve along the thick lines.
  2. Place the card in the center of the sleeve so that it is outlined by the thin lines.
  3. Fold the bottom (rectangular flap) over first.
  4. Fold the side flaps over.
  5. Secure the bottom and side flaps with one square piece of three-quarter-inch Scotch tape.
  6. Fold the top flap over and inside.
  7. Flip the sleeve over and label it on the seamless side.

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