Portable centimetric measuring tape

2010-08-14 23:11:43 UTC

This is a roll-up measuring tape that tucks neatly into my wallet, mostly so that I can compare sizes of products in the store without having to buy them or go find a ruler.

File: Centimetric_Ruler-portable.pdf

A US Letter page containing the ruler (20 cm long) and a specification for the cardboard handle you glue the ruler to.


Photo of the portable centimetric measuring tape, rolled up, sitting on a table.

Photo of the portable centimetric measuring tape, with 6 cm unrolled, sitting on a table.

In case you’re wondering about the pattern of the mm markings, I borrowed it from this New Zealand ruler that Dave posted about.

If I were to assemble this again, I would glue the “tape” to the other end of the handle, so that I can unroll the tape from left to right using my right hand. If you’re left-handed, you might prefer to assemble yours the same way I did assemble mine.

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