Bubble Trouble’s high-quality music

2010-03-23 21:58:10 UTC

Does this sound familiar to you?

That’s the full version of “Coconut Island” by Matt Swoboda. You may know it better as this shorter version, which is the version used as the alternate level-set-1 background music in the original Bubble Trouble.

Curiously, the Mac OS X version of Bubble Trouble omits that music, although it does include the four other music tracks as ‘snd ‘ resources. All five tracks originally came as MAD files; here’s an archive of the MAD files, rescued from the original Bubble Trouble’s Mac-OS-only installer, for your listening/converting pleasure.

Among the five tracks are two others by Swoboda, composed specifically for Bubble Trouble. The other two are by Yannis Brown. The full song list is:

  • Level set 1: “Bongalonga” by Brown
  • Level set 1 (alternate): “Coconut Island” (Bubble Trouble edit) by Swoboda
  • Level set 2: Composed specifically for Bubble Trouble by Swoboda
  • Level set 3: “Chunga-babe!” by Brown
  • Level set 4: Composed specifically for Bubble Trouble by Swoboda

You’ll need PlayerPRO to play or convert the MAD files; Vox, which I normally use to play and convert modules, does not support MAD. Also, you may find that PlayerPRO doesn’t work under Mac OS X; I used 5.10.0rc2, and it did nothing but crash when I tried to load a module file. (UPDATE: It’s mostly fixed in trunk@r110—no crash, but oversampling now distorts the audio.) I had to run 5.9.8 under SheepShaver (which is also how I installed the original Bubble Trouble, which is otherwise locked away in that Mac OS installer).


2 Responses to “Bubble Trouble’s high-quality music”

  1. ssp Says:

    Fantastic. Hooray for retro gaming.

    Have to find the music for Digger now…

  2. Pierre Lebeaupin Says:

    There used to be a file containing the music of all Ambrosia Software games (yes, distributed by Ambrosia!) in mp3 format, but I can’t find it right now. Worse yet, their ftp site does not seem to be online anymore – that’s a shame.

    I have all these music in my iTunes library. You could say I’m a bit obsessed with game music, and that of Ambrosia among them – for instance, some time ago I managed to extract the music from Harry into a readable format, and posted them.

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