Voices That Matter iPhone Developers Conference 2010

2010-02-22 23:36:08 UTC

I’m still Mac-only, so I still won’t be there, but here’s the information for this year:

  • The conference is in Seattle, Washington on April 24th and 25th.
  • The speakers, including Aaron Hillegass, Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch, Erica Sadun, and Eric Buck, will cover many different topics, including Core Data, Core Location and MapKit, in-app purchasing, UI design, and OpenGL ES.
  • Early bird pricing is $200 off until March 12th.
  • If you use the coupon code “PHBLOGS”, you’ll get another $100 off.

(I do still wonder what the “PH” stands for…)

If this sounds good to you, register for the conference.

See also Brent Simmons’s post about it. He wants to play pinball with you.

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  1. brian dunnington Says:

    You have said on a few occasions that you are a Mac developer only, not an iPhone developer. What is the reason behind that? is it as simple as the fact that you just havent found a compelling idea to develop for the iPhone/iPad? are you just not interested in the platform (from a dev standpoint)? is there some deeper philosophical reason? my curiosity got the best of me, so i would love to hear your reasoning (even if it is a simple “just because”).

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