Cocoa and cheesesteaks

2009-12-08 01:00:06 UTC

This post is only for CocoaHeads Lake Forest attendees. Everyone else can safely ignore it.

I have a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for Philly’s Best, expiring at the end of this month. I can only comfortably eat half to three-quarters of one (foot-long) sandwich, and they don’t sell them by the half.

What I’d like to do is get together with two or three fellow attendees at the Lake Forest Philly’s Best (street view) an hour before CocoaHeads (i.e., at 6 PM) for pre-meeting dinner. We’ll split the sandwiches and the total cost; one sandwich is $6, so if we split the two sandwiches (one free) four ways, that’s $1.50 a head. I’ll cover tax on the sandwiches.

The coupon requires the purchase of two 32-oz. drinks. Assuming we each want something to drink with our sandwiches, we can simply buy three or four drinks, at least two of which must be 32-oz. I’ll cover tax on the two qualifying drinks as well.

I say “three or four” because maybe one of you can comfortably eat a full cheesesteak. That would lower the head-count requirement.

I actually have two of these coupons, both expiring at the same time, so if enough of you (5–8, depending on who eats a full sandwich) show up, we could use both of them. I just realized that one of them is only for the Fountain Valley location, so I won’t be able to use it at the Lake Forest location. We can only use the one coupon.

The next CocoaHeads Lake Forest is this Wednesday, the 9th, at 7 PM. If you’ll be attending and want in on this, please leave a comment.

5 Responses to “Cocoa and cheesesteaks”

  1. Johan Kool Says:

    I plan to be there. Those sandwiches sure sound nice. Anyone else coming too?

  2. Peter Hosey Says:

    I believe Stuart Cracraft (the cameraman) is going to be there.

  3. Kurt Arnlund Says:

    I’ll be there. CocoaHeads is hard to do when you you’re hungry. :-)

  4. Steve Malsam Says:

    Its kinda short notice, but I’ll be there too.

  5. Stuart Cracraft Says:

    Thanks for the food-savings!

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