2009-06-03 23:17:00 UTC

In March 2007, Merlin Mann interviewed musician John Vanderslice. I’ve downloaded four of his songs since I started downloading lots of free music, and every time, I’ve remembered that I had first heard his name from that episode of The Merlin Show.

Just now, I went back and watched it again. At one point, they talked about MP3 blogs (Vanderslice used to run one), and Vanderslice mentioned one specifically: Largehearted Boy.

That discussion, and that specific mention, went right past me the first time I watched this interview. Now, more than two years later, Largehearted Boy is probably the single biggest contributor to my music library.

Amazing what you miss sometimes, isn’t it?

(Incidentally, Vanderslice has some free songs and albums available for download on his website.)

UPDATE 23:59: Don’t miss part 2. Even more interesting than the first part, especially looking back from 2009.

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  1. david Says:

    I’m glad LHB could be of help, I love spreading the word about the music & books I love. Thanks for reading.

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