Symbolicator 1.0.1

2009-04-24 23:51:58 UTC

It’s two-thirds faster, it works on more crash logs, and thanks to Augie Fackler, it’s now available from the Python Package Index. This means that you can just do this:

sudo easy_install symbolicator

If [you run a custom build of Python and] you don’t want to install setuptools, you can always get the Symbolicator from its webpage.

Oh, and there will be a 1.0.2 to fix some issues. At the moment, I’m going back to working on Growl things, so I won’t start on those for awhile; if you want to beat me to them, fork the project on Bitbucket, commit your fixes, and send me a pull request. (Make sure you co-ordinate your efforts on the ticket! I don’t want to have to choose from two independently-developed fixes.)

UPDATE 2009-04-25: Clarified above that installing setuptools is only necessary if you have installed Python yourself. Thanks to Augie for pointing this out in his comment.

3 Responses to “Symbolicator 1.0.1”

  1. Augie Fackler Says:

    It’s worth mentioning that OS X comes with setuptools as part of the base system, so unless you’ve installed a custom Python, easy_install will Just Work.

  2. Greg Maletic Says:

    I’m trying to use Symbolicator 1.0.1 to symbolicate a crash log. My crash log and my .dsym file are in the same directory. When I run it on my crash log, nothing is output. I don’t doubt I’m doing something wrong, but I have no idea what to try next. Any ideas?


  3. Peter Hosey Says:

    Greg Maletic: Proximity to the crash log doesn’t matter, and if the Symbolicator couldn’t find the dSYM bundle, it would simply output the crash log unchanged.

    Please send me a copy of the crash log.

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