Safari 4 beta and GrowlMail

2009-02-24 12:00:58 UTC

The problem

The WebKit framework that comes with Safari 4 enforces a restriction on calling WebKit from a secondary thread.

GrowlMail accesses message contents on a secondary thread because they may not be in yet. Accessing message contents can result in a call to WebKit. That results in a crash with the new WebKit.

The fix (section added 2009-04-19, updated 2009-06-22 for the 1.1.5 release)

Download Growl 1.1.5 and install GrowlMail 1.1.5.
(Make sure you install GrowlMail specifically! The Growl Installer package does not include GrowlMail or any of the other Extras.)

The workaround

UPDATE 2009-06-22: You don’t need to do this anymore. Install GrowlMail 1.1.5 instead.

If you’re fast or can easily turn off your internet connection first, go to GrowlMail’s Preferences and set GrowlMail to summary mode. (You might also try putting Mail into Offline mode immediately after launching it until you’ve made this change.)

  1. Go to Mail’s Preferences.
  2. Click on the chevron button at the far right end of the toolbar.
  3. Click on GrowlMail.
  4. Choose the second of the three radio buttons: “Show a summary of received emails”.

You can then go back into online mode/turn your internet connection back on/rest easy.

The other way to do it is to run this command in a terminal window:

defaults write GMSummaryMode -int 2

Ordinarily, I’d tell you to quit Mail first, but since Mail will unexpectedly quit the first time tries to Growl about a new mail message, I don’t think I need to bother. ☺

The fix

We’re not sure about that yet.

The problem is that when Mail adds a new message to your library, it may not have fully downloaded it yet. (You can see this yourself sometimes when your internet connection is slow or under heavy load: You’ll click on a message and see a “Loading” screen in the preview pane.)

When that happens, if we try to get the message body on the main thread, it blocks the UI until the body arrives. So we do it on a secondary thread instead. That’s now a problem.

The ideal fix is that we find a way to determine whether the body has come in yet. If it hasn’t, we could set a timer for a few seconds, then check again then and post a notification with “body not loaded yet” if it’s still not in.

Another fix I would consider is simply killing the feature that shows the message body in the notification. I’m sure a lot of you like it, but if it breaks the app and there’s no fix, then it has to go.

UPDATE 2009-02-25: As it turns out, we had most of the above fix in already (except that we were using a delay, not a timer—not a problem, since it’s on its own thread). So the fix was simply to move most of the code to the main thread. I’ve done that and it works. The relevant patches are pending review; if I hear nothing bad about them from the other developers by tomorrow, I’ll make them permanent commits and push them to both repositories, where they will be part of 1.1.5.

Other points

This is not a bug in WebKit. Strictly speaking, it’s not a bug in GrowlMail, either, because it’s not like we’re disobeying the documentation for Mail’s API (there is none!).

Apple changed WebKit to throw this exception, and GrowlMail doesn’t catch it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s GrowlMail’s fault and we’re the ones who need to fix it.

Timeline? No idea. I do intend to have this fix in for 1.1.5, since Safari 4 will probably be either out or coming Real Soon Now by then. (This among other important fixes, such as the off-by-two error in the Growl prefpane.)

UPDATE 2009-06-22: The fix is in GrowlMail 1.1.5, which we released on 2009-06-16.

14 Responses to “Safari 4 beta and GrowlMail”

  1. David Toub Says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m going to wait for a fix before installing Safari 4 because GrowlMail has become indispensable for me.

  2. Seamus D Says:

    You guys rock. Totally quick response to the issue. Love Growlmail and Safari4, so can’t wait …

  3. Scott Guelich Says:

    Thanks for the quick diagnosis and update, since this same issue appears to have bit other apps I use (like Plex). Do you happen to have a reference to the specific WebKit change that resulted in this? Was this discussed or documented by the WebKit team anywhere?

  4. Mark Rowe Says:

    Scott, it has *never* been safe to call the WebKit API from a secondary thread. In the past it may have appeared to work, but in reality it was just causing very subtle, hard-to-debug problems. In order to avoid these subtle problems, WebKit now complains noisily if it is accessed from a secondary thread. This has an unfortunate side-effect of causing some short-term pain, but application developers will hopefully fix their applications to use WebKit in a safe manner before Safari 4 is released.

    If you know of applications that are affected by this, it wouldn\’t hurt to file bug reports at so that Apple is aware of which applications are impacted and can evaluate whether application-specific workarounds can be added.

  5. Paul M Says:

    I think you guys could teach a course on how software developers should communicate with the users of their products. We can all rest easy and patiently wait for the 1.1.5 update. Thanks for this.

  6. Joshua Says:

    I agree with Paul. Thanks Scott!

  7. Stephan Says:

    I’ve downloaded the current source and compiled the GrowlMail, it works fine for me. If you like grab it at:

  8. Peter Hosey Says:

    Disclaimer (this should be obvious but I should point it out anyway just in case): Anything not part of a Growl release is not supported by the Growl team. We won’t provide support for Stephan’s build.

  9. Sean Says:

    Thanks Stephan! You made my morning.

  10. Sean Says:

    Oh, and thanks to Peter too, of course!

  11. Dave Says:

    Seems like Apple’s own Mail has the problem itself as well (saving an email doesn’t work)…see .

  12. Mac User Says:

    Thank you very much

  13. Edward Says:

    Huh! This looked like one of those problems that never get fixed. You know, the ones in the forum dated 2004 without any reply. Very useful AND fixed! Rare! Kudos!

  14. jc Says:

    It’s been a month, and the fixes you made work well. Please make a new release soon. I’m currently using Stephan’s release.

    Make sure to tell people to switch their summary mode back to 1. The summary mode 2 is total crap

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