Weirdest compiler warning I’ve ever seen

2008-02-09 13:01:37 UTC

Here’s the code:

[[GrowlApplicationController sharedController] setQuitAfterOpen:YES];

And here’s the warning:

Core/Source/GrowlApplicationBridgePathway.m:43: warning: ‘GrowlPreferencesController’ may not respond to ‘-setQuitAfterOpen:’

Wait, what? I said GrowlApplicationController, not GrowlPreferencesController!

The problem is that the compiler is recognizing “sharedController” as a class method, and assuming that I’m using the class that it knows has it—which, in this case, is GrowlPreferencesController. GrowlPreferencesController is declared in its header, which is imported by the prefix header; GrowlApplicationController, meanwhile, is declared only with @class (in another header). So I think it’s assuming that GrowlApplicationController is a subclass or something.

However, +[GrowlPreferencesController sharedController] is typed as returning a GrowlPreferencesController *, so when I try to call a GrowlApplicationController method on it, it gives me that warning.

The fix is to #import "GrowlApplicationController.h" so that the compiler knows that GrowlApplicationController has a sharedController method of its own.

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