They Fixed the Leopard Folders… or not

2007-10-17 17:13:53 UTC

Last month, Brandon Walkin wrote an analysis of why Leopard’s new folder icons are broken.

Point number 2 is that Apple has removed all color from the distinguishing marks on folder icons. For example (cropped from one of his images):

Leopard's new Public Folder icon still has the old crosswalk sign on a folder, but now it's just embossed into the imaginary paper of the folder, rather than superimposed in full color.

Bland, isn’t it? And hard to spot at a glance among a folder full of other special folders, such as the folders in your Home folder.

So I was pleased to see this image on Apple’s page for the Leopard File Sharing features:

The Sharing pane in System Preferences has a giant Public folder icon, but with the full-color crosswalk sign restored.

Woo-hoo! They brought the colors back!

But then I looked more closely:

This is a close-up of the aforementioned Sharing pane. In the pane is a list of shared folders; two of the folders in the screenshot have special folder icons, and we can plainly see that these real folder icons are still embossed.

If they know how much cooler it looks with color, as evidenced by using it with color on the big image, then why not put the color back in the real icons?

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