Negative Turing Test fixes are done

2007-10-16 00:18:03 UTC

I’ve finished fixing number 12. Now, when you forget to answer the Turing test, your response will reappear in the comment form when the post loads.

For those of you who run Negative Turing Test on your own blag: WordPress has a bug as of both 2.1 and 2.3. Normally, when you submit a comment, WordPress sets three cookies that it uses to automatically fill in the Name, Email, and URL fields on the commenter’s future visits. When a plug-in like NTT deletes the comment, WordPress fails to notice and empties out the cookies. The result is that, when NTT deletes the comment, the name, email, and URL fields come back empty. (This is true with or without the fix for number 12.)

There’s nothing NTT can do about that—it’s a WordPress bug that I discovered in testing the fix for number 12. I isolated the problem and have already fixed it here, and I’ll soon submit a patch to the WordPress developers so that you can all have this fix as well. Until they accept it, here’s the patch for WordPress 2.3.

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