Growl Registration Dictionary Editor

2007-10-01 16:38:16 UTC

Since 0.7, Growl has been able to detect a registration dictionary in your application when your app launches—all you have to do is put it in a file with a certain name inside your app bundle. We call this feature auto-discovery or auto-registration.

I don’t think people have been taking much advantage of this feature, though, for two reasons:

  1. We didn’t mention it in the docs. (This would be the major reason.)
  2. There was no handy-dandy editor to quickly bash out a registration dictionary file.

Sure, we can all use Property List Editor, but that’s not a tool honed to the purpose. You have to rifle through GrowlDefines.h to find all the different keys you can use in the dictionary (the docs only cover the most basic set).

Well, now there’s a tool honed to the purpose.

Here’s beta 1 of the Growl Registration Dictionary Editor. I invite you to try it. Obvious things worth doing:

  • Creating new reg dicts
  • Editing existing ones
  • Importing a reg dict from your saved tickets (great for porting your existing app to use auto-reg!)

Feedback will be appreciated. If you’re subscribed to the Growl discussion list, you can send it there; if not, comments here are OK.

The source for the GRDE is in the Growl source repository.

If this announcement looks familiar to you, don’t worry; you’re not going crazy. I posted a similar message to the Growl discussion list, then decided to edit it a bit and post it here, since I know that at least several of you are Growl framework users who can put this app to good use.

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