I do believe we have a record

2007-09-24 15:52:15 UTC

pngout \        %~/Projects/@otherpeoplesprojects/growl/trunk/Core/Resources(0)
> NotifyOSX.growlStyle/Contents/Resources/sidetitle.png 
 In:                             NotifyOSX.growlStyle/Contents/Resources/sidetitle.png
 In:   29644 bytes
Out:                             NotifyOSX.growlStyle/Contents/Resources/sidetitle.png
Out:     527 bytes               
Chg:  -29117 bytes (  1% of original)

2 Responses to “I do believe we have a record”

  1. Dave Says:


    For reference, I tried the same with pngcrush -brute, and I only got it down to 669 bytes (2.26% of original).

  2. Dave Says:

    Further, if I pass the -reduce option to pngcrush, I can get it down to only 379 bytes (1.2%). pngout is doing some generous rounding in its reduction-percentage computation; it actually got closer to 1.78%.

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