A novel way to reduce the size of a grayscale PNG file

2007-04-08 16:31:50 UTC

Today, I scanned in one of my old drawings: a study of five-pointed stars that I made when I was trying to figure out how to draw a proper star (this was at the time of me working on Keynote Bingo MWSF2007 Edition, and a derivative of the same star is used in TuneTagger).

The odd thing is, after I corrected the image using Preview’s Black Point and Aperture controls (no relation to the photo-management program), the image weighed about two-fifths as much:

du -b Five-pointed\ star\ study* %~/Pictures(0)
1403443 Five-pointed star study-adjusted levels.png
3346498 Five-pointed star study.png

(These sizes are after pngout, but even if I re-correct the original image and save it elsewhere, it comes out 1790244 bytes long.)

Go figure.

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