Sweet, somebody else is now using Negative Turing Test!

2007-03-17 16:53:06 UTC

From time to time, I check a Technorati search for my blog, which I have bookmarked, to see who’s linking to me and what they have to say.

Today I find that chucker has installed NTT. Cool!

chucker: I invite you to email me about you getting spam every few minutes. I’m interested to hear more specifics. My address is on the front page. (Initial hunch: Try turning off Akismet. I gave up on Akismet after all the false positives we had when we tried using it on Adium Trac; as such, I’ve never used it here.)

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  1. Sören Nils 'chucker' Kuklau Says:

    Initial hunch: Try turning off Akismet.

    It may indeed have turned out to be something so simple. After having turned it off, no further spam has gotten through.

    In its options, it says: “Negative Turing Test has foiled 163 attempts to spam your blog.”

    Yep, that seems to be roughly the volume I used to get.

    Wonderful plug-in. :-)

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