iTunes smart playlists: Recent podcasts

2007-01-07 19:28:34 UTC

This is a response to Daniel Jalkut‘s iTunes Script: Recent Podcasts.

It is possible to do what he does with scripts with smart playlists. The result requires no user action to update, since the playlists will update automatically. You can even use them to sync recent podcasts to your iPod.

We start with a playlist for all podcasts:

The rules in the “Recent podcasts (played or not)” playlist are: Category is not (empty); Kind does not contain “stream”; Date Added is in the last 3 days.

This smart playlist provides the same function as the script with its kIgnoreAlreadyPlayedPodcasts property set to its default value of false. If you like kIgnoreAlreadyPlayedPodcasts set to true:

The rules in the “Recent podcasts (never played)” playlist are: Playlist is “Podcasts (played or not)”; Play Count is 0.

This playlist derives from the first one, and you can replace the Playlist rule with the three rules of the other playlist if you don’t want a played-or-not playlist hanging around.

UPDATE 2007-01-08: Daniel Jalkut pointed out that there’s a Podcast criterion that I could have used. I completely missed it. This makes the solution much simpler:

The rules in the “Recent podcasts (never played), Daniel Jalkut edition” playlist are: Podcast is true; Play Count is 0.

2 Responses to “iTunes smart playlists: Recent podcasts”

  1. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    I’m definitely starting to think that smart playlists are the way to go here (and probably as solution to many other of my problems with iTunes).

    Note that there is a “Podcast” boolean among the various smart playlist rules. So you can just say “Podcast is true.”

  2. Peter Hosey Says:

    [quote comment=”5208″]Note that there is a “Podcast” boolean among the various smart playlist rules. So you can just say “Podcast is true.”[/quote]

    Wow, I totally failed to notice that. Thanks. :D

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