Now, 4% more bingo!

2007-01-06 22:36:56 UTC

I’ve just posted version 1.0.1 of Keynote Bingo MWSF 2007 Edition. This adds nine strings, and at Patrick Gibson‘s suggestion, removes one (“Intel Core 2 Duo”, which has already happened).

The added strings, all by me, are:

  • Name of Apple phone: iChat mobile
  • Apple phone is CDMA
  • Apple phone is GSM
  • Apple is now a mobile-phone service provider
  • Apple announces agreement with Cingular
  • Apple announces agreement with Verizon
  • Apple announces agreement with Sprint
  • Apple announces agreement with T-Mobile
  • Lucida Grande replaced by Myriad in Leopard

This brings the count to 186, from 178.

2 Responses to “Now, 4% more bingo!”

  1. Andy Kim Says:

    I hope that last one comes true.

  2. Jesper Says:

    How about:

    “Apple phone is CDMA+UTMS”

    “Apple phone is UTMS”

    “Apple phone is HSDPA-ready”

    (UTMS is the “european” 3G standard, which really means it’s the worldwide 3G standard before you crazy americans kept inventing your own stuff. :) HSDPA is to UTMS what GPRS or EDGE is to GSM – heightened bandwidth.)

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