You know MWSF2007 has started when…

2007-01-05 04:29:07 UTC

It’s finally here: The MWSF 2007 Edition of Keynote Bingo is out. Just in time for the start of the Expo!

It’s very small — the whole disk image is about 57 K, using UDIF+bzip2 format. As you may guess from that, the disk image requires Tiger; there won’t be a Panther version this time, because the app requires Tiger too (for PDFKit and NSError presenting). Instructions are included on the disk image, in the README file.

I would encourage you to download your copy now, or at least very soon. When I released the WWDC 2006 version, the vast majority of the downloads came within the half hour or so before the keynote started. At the time, I was on GeoCities, so that drove me straight into the hourly bandwidth limit. I don’t have that problem anymore, being on TextDrive now; even so, you should get your copy now to help the server and its pipe not be swamped come the keynote.

Here’s hoping you get a bingo!

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