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2006-06-24 01:47:00 UTC

If you use -[NSAttributedString drawAtPoint:], you may be surprised to find that it doesn’t respect NSParagraphStyles in the receiver’s attributes. The documentation hints at why:

The width (height for vertical layout) of the rendering area is unlimited, unlike drawInRect:, which uses a bounding rectangle. As a result, this method renders the text in a single line.

Well, it will actually respect any newlines when measuring and drawing the text. You won’t just get a single line. What it really means is that you don’t get paragraph styles applied.

Solution: Use -[NSAttributedString drawInRect:] instead.

I imagine that the same rule applies to -[NSString drawAtPoint:withAttributes:] and -[NSString drawInRect:withAttributes:] as well, since the former method has the same note in its documentation (and is probably implemented using -[NSAttributedString drawAtPoint:]).

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