My name is… My name is…

2006-04-04 00:11:00 UTC


OK, not really. My name is Peter Hosey. I am 21 (almost 22) years old, and I currently live in Huntington Beach, California. And this is what I look like:

My face.

This is the official curtain drop. If you already knew my real name, this post means that you are now allowed to tell it to others. The secret has ended.

Updates to my profile on Blogger, Digg, various Tracs, and elsewhere to follow.

8 Responses to “My name is… My name is…”

  1. eevyl Says:


    Shocking, I almost managed to relate Mac-Arena the Bored Zo to a faceless, nameless entity … now I won’t be able anymore and that face will haunt my dreams!

  2. Patrick Gibson Says:

    Hey! I’ve seen you before, you’re that guy I saw in the porn store!

    Haha, slander begins…

    Regardless… cool stuff. Are you going to rename/update your Pointers/Hello World documents?

  3. Mac-arena the Bored Zo Says:

    Patr1ck: Yup. Not rename, just update.

  4. Alan (Mystara) Says:

    Was I still the only person who knew? :P

  5. Mac-arena the Bored Zo Says:

    Mystara: Nope. Colin and jkp knew, and some other people found out when Colin accidentally spilled it during Iron Coder (<rentzsch> Whoa this read me has like styled text and Unicode. <cbarrett> rentzsch: It’s a Bored Zo production. Of course it has styled text and Unicode. <cbarrett> :p ). He was tired; I forgive him.

    Even so, I maintained the secret afterward. Most people still didn’t know.

  6. alan (mystara) Says:

    Damn, now I feel so less important.

    So why has your name suddenly become open-source? :P

  7. Mac-arena the Bored Zo Says:

    It hasn’t yet. Subversion repository goes up next week. ;)

    I’m starting to strike out on my own, so if I want to get a job, I’ll need to be able to point to my previous work. So I’m putting my own name on my previous and new works, starting with the Iron Coder entry.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    you will always be jeff to me.

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