Free stuff on iTunes: 2006-04-04

2006-04-04 03:33:00 UTC

Well, there’s supposed to be. This is linked on the front page of the TV Shows section: The Andy Milonakis Show, season 2. The season premiere is supposed to be there for free. But there are no episodes listed and the show isn’t even in the Browse listing of TV Shows. You can even buy the whole season — $1.99 for 0 episodes.

The customer reviews are pretty negative, so maybe MTV got so embarrassed that they simply asked Apple to pull the season.

UPDATE 2006-04-05 00:11 PST: It’s up now.

In case you’re curious, season 1 is available for money. The only way to get there is by clicking the parent segment in the breadcrumb trail when you visit season 2 (or by clicking my link).

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