Report-an-Apple-bug Friday! 17

2006-04-01 00:00:00 UTC

This bug is iTMS: “Isms” is actually “Talisman”. It was submitted on 2006-03-31 at 23:59 PST.


iTMS sells two albums by Divinorum. But these two albums are actually both the same one.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Buy “Isms” from iTMS.
  2. Listen to all of the tracks.

Expected Results:

You hear “Isms”.

Actual Results:

You hear “Talisman”.


As far as I known, “Isms” has always been wrong. I submitted feedback when I bought “Isms” from iTMS in 2005-06. It’s still wrong.


Bjorn Lynne distributes a number of his tracks for free, including two Divinorum tracks. One is “Antigravity”, the first track of “Isms”.

Listening to the iTMS previews of “Isms” and “Talisman” makes clear that they are the same. Listen to both “Antigravity” (track 1 of “Isms”) and “The Human Male” (track 1 of “Talisman”), for example.

Another demonstration is the track times. The “Antigravity” MP3 that Lynne distributes for free is 8 minutes and 14 seconds long. The version on iTMS is 7 minutes and 6 seconds long — the same length as “The Human Male”. All of the track lengths are the same between the two albums, except for track 11 (“Talisman” has 11 tracks; “Isms” has only 10 tracks).

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