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2006-03-08 12:16:00 UTC

I don’t ordinarily write about changes to Apple’s documentation, since you can get that info straight from ADC RSS, but today’s round of changes is unusually significant.

Apple replaced several of the documents relating to Cocoa with new ones, and added some things to the new ones as well. the full run-down:

Was Now
  • Basic Drawing
  • Drawing and Images
  • The Drawing Environment
  • OpenGL
Cocoa Drawing Guide
  • What Is Cocoa?
  • Cocoa Objects
  • Adding Behavior to a Cocoa Program
  • Cocoa Design Patterns
  • Communicating With Objects
Cocoa Fundamentals Guide

Two new chapters have been added: “The Core Application Architecture” and “Other Cocoa Architectures”. In addition, the discussion of the Model-View-Controller design pattern in “Cocoa Design Patterns” has been greatly expanded.
revision history

  • Sdef Scriptability Guide for Cocoa
  • Scriptable Application Programming Guide for Cocoa
Cocoa Scripting Guide
Document-Based Applications Document-Based Applications Overview

New articles added are “Message Flow in the Document Architecture”, “Creating Multiple-Document-Type Applications”, “Autosaving in the Document Architecture”, and “Error Handling in the Document Architecture”.
revision history

Drawing and Views Scroll View Programming Guide for Cocoa
Drawing and Views View Programming Guide for Cocoa

I think the new set of documents may be much more suitable for passing to people who are learning for the first time. I’ll show The_Tick, who’s learning Cocoa, and see what he thinks.

while I’m at it, I’ll point out that they clarified the docs on CGImageSourceUpdateData:

Each time you call the function CGImageSourceUpdateData, the data parameter must contain all of the image file data accumulated so far.

so you should probably use a CFMutableData (or its NS equivalent) when using this function.

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