The 2006 Iron Coder submission by Peter Hosey

What it does

Beads was my entry into the 2006 Iron Coder competition. It hangs a shellacked* string of beads on the frontmost window. When you switch from one window to another, the beads move over to hang on the new window, and when you close the last window of the application, the beads fade out.

Beads hanging on UnicodeChecker's main window.

*I didn't have the time or skill to make the beads flow. I still don't.


Version 1.1, on a UDIF disk image (including source code).
128-bit FNV1 hash: 2b189053d54b16ef9f3fdab6d853277e
MD5 hash: c6867fcce1db0bb83b34164ff8ec3b4d
SHA-1 hash: b92825abffa95e3881be4984533151cbc0029ea7
Version 1.0, on a UDIF disk image (including source code).
128-bit FNV1 hash: f1bd95b9722ab09ae57211a7056c5104
MD5 hash: f0e49660cc297895f7baac5ee06ca8be
SHA-1 hash: ea26323b06ce046b154dd8b8d61ef0f77a7980a2

The making of

I wrote an article documenting how the beads are drawn, called How to draw Beads. If you're curious and would rather read English text with pretty pictures than read the source code, this document is for you.

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