Make Obj-C Accessors

A pair of services for Mac OS X


Make Obj-C Accessors is a pair of services for Mac OS X that convert a series of instance variable declarations into a series of either declarations or definitions for matching accessors.

Also included is a command-line program, written in Python, that does the same thing. In fact, the Python program is the source code for the two services; the services are created with ThisService.


The service applications and Python source code, on a bzip2-compressed UDIF disk image.
128-bit FNV1 hash: d703a43edb742b07453f80fc1532e300
MD5 hash: a747b107998ae6d6c8eb8388df0c348f
SHA-1 hash: 2d08ed78bfaa13a0a62ed2bdc8570fe887ce94a6
Detached PGP (GPG) signature of makeobjcaccessors-0.1.dmg using public key ID C6550423.
128-bit FNV1 hash: bdf1c8075c3aba29f34acd39687aa990
MD5 hash: 4b4a384c8f03a68dec1798d5ef8dbe50
SHA-1 hash: 7eb52ba158ba3cd60c9bd53adb9b9545d067a7ad

MD5 and SHA1 signatures were created using the md5sum(1) and sha1sum(1) utilities from GNU coreutils.

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