Ghostwriter has invaded my menubar!

2007-09-27 11:57:01 UTC

All the lowercase e's in my menubar are missing from all of OmniWeb's menus (except for Help, strangely enough). A blank space shows instead.


And no, it’s not just in OmniWeb (or, for that matter, my menubar):

Same goes for capital F and lowercase L in Mail's Activity Viewer window.

3 Responses to “Ghostwriter has invaded my menubar!”

  1. Matt Swann Says:

    I believe that when I’ve seen this in the past, it was due to font-related issues. If you haven’t disabled any fonts recently, try deleting the font caches – Gruber lists their locations here.

  2. rentzsch Says:

    I had this happen a couple of weeks ago. system.log indicated that ATSServer had crashed. I started quitting apps in prep of a full restart, but ATSServer relaunched and was cool again. Sigh.

  3. Peter Hosey Says:

    rentzsch: Yeah, that sounds about like my situation, too. It fixed itself a few hours later.

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